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The Truth of Names (MTG: Uncharted Realms)

Then the khan came to Alesha. She stood before him, snakes coiling in the pit of her stomach, and told how she had slain her first dragon. The khan nodded and asked her name.

"Alesha," she said, as loudly as she could. Just Alesha, her grandmother's name.

"Alesha!" the khan shouted, without a moment's pause.

And the whole gathered horde shouted "Alesha!" in reply. The warriors of the Mardu shouted her name.

The Magic: The Gathering universe now has its first officially acknowledged trans character: Alesha, Who Smiles at Death. Genuinely teared up a bit reading this story – it's great to see WotC representing a wider range of characters in its game these days. Here's to hoping that the inclusivity of Magic's storyline continues to grow from here on out.